Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Poll- Backup Target

Thanks everyone for participating in my previous poll regarding DB2 autonomic features. Here is the final poll result

Self-tuning memory manager – 14 (51%)

Automatic storage – 11 (40%)

Automatic maintenance – 8 (29%)

Configuration advisor – 7 (25%)

Health monitor – 9 (33%)

Other – 1 (3%)

None – 6 (22%)

Interestingly, the use of the above features is almost in the same order as their positions in the listing. It’s evident that the top two autonomic features, self-tuning memory manager and automatic storage are the most popular autonomic features as per the poll result.

I have added a new poll ... No, this is not about Democratic vs. Republican J This is related to your database backup target. Please indicate the backup target as you specify in your backup command. For example, if your backup target is TSM, choose TSM only even though TSM will store the backup image on tape. If you select “Other”, it would be nice if you can explicitly mention the exact target through a comment to this post. I hope there will be more participation this time and thus the poll result will be more realistic. So, please don’t forget to provide your input in this poll !!!

1 comment:

backup contacts said...

I prefer automatic storage out of the list, but to be honest I have a hard time trusting software to backup my data. The reason why is I have too many experiences where the backup software supposedly backed up my data and when it came to the point where i needed to access the files they were not there.