Tuesday, September 30, 2008

XML Superstar Contest

Did you hear about “Search for the XML Superstar” contest? If not yet, check out the details of this contest below (as provided by IBM). If you or your friend or colleague is a XML guru, here is a chance to win great prizes.

The International DB2 User Group (IDUG) is proud to announce the launch of the “Search for the XML Superstar” contest in the United States. This worldwide initiative is aimed at highlighting the benefits of DB2 and related technologies to database developers and university students.

The “Search for the XML Superstar” has five categories:
  1. XML application programming
  2. Ported applications
  3. Database gadgets
  4. Videos
  5. Query challenge
Contestants will participate in a combination of education, exposure to practical applications and “tests” that will validate understanding and ability to program IBM database technologies. Entries will be judged by an independent panel of DB2 professionals.

Participants in the contest will be eligible to win one of a series of great prizes. Those who submit star-quality entries could receive an all-expense paid trip to an IDUG conference, a new laptop, an iPod, a Sony PlayStation 3 or a Nintendo Wii system. The contest will also allow students to win opportunities for interviews and lab visits, and will enhance the skills that catch employers’ eyes on a resume. Developers will be able to gain recognition from world-class consultants and be celebrated for standing out among their peers.

The contest launches in U.S. tomorrow. There will be a IBM press release coming out tomorrow, and the website (xmlchallenge.com), will launch then, as well. Also, check out the IBM DB2 Query Console (beta), an application hosted in the cloud that allows you to run SQL and XQuery statements against a DB2 database. Good luck for the contest!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Radhesh...thanks for blogging about the contest. I'd also like to inform readers of your blog that voting for the video and gadget contests starts tomorrow (Dec 17). We have a brand new contest blog (xmlchallenge.com/blog) and we'd love to hear from your blog readers on what they liked best about the contest. We can also be found on Facebook.

XML Challenge Team